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domenica 6 settembre 2009

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish: Soundtrack and Lyrics

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish soundtrack and lyrics.
Christina Milian stars as sassy cheer captain Lina Cruz, whose world is turned upside-down when her family moves from the urban streets of East Los Angeles to the sunny beach town of Malibu. At her new school, Lina clashes with Avery, the ultra-competitive all-star cheer captain, while also falling for Averys super-cute brother, Evan. Linas always been able to rise to a challenge, but can she create a new all-star squad, beat Avery at the Spirit Championships, and still keep her romance with Evan? Hot music, fierce competition and high-flyin fun continue in this all-new movie!

Lyrics and Video

Lean Like A Cholo (Down) listen
Rock Like Us (Kottonmouth Kings) listen
Ya Mama Ya Mama (Alabina featuring Ishtar and Los Ninos de la Sara)
Whine Up (Kat DeLuna featuring Elephant Man) listen
Foot Workin (Keke Palmer)
Popular (The Veronicas)
The Whistle Song (DJ Aligator) listen
Corazon (You're Not Alone) (Prima J) listen
Just Dance (Lady GaGa) listen

Tracklisting soundtrack

1.Lean Like A Cholo - Down
2. Rock Like Us - Kottonmouth Kings
3. Turn The Light Out - Mark McLaughin
4. Ya Mama Ya Mama - Alabina featuring Ishtar and Los Ninos de la Sara
5. Whine Up - Kat DeLuna featuring Elephant Man
6. Burn - M. Gonzalez, A. Lane and M. Haene
7. Hyphyton - Freddy Chingaz, Mr. Kee, Trucho G, G-Brotherz
8. Foot Workin - Keke Palmer
9. I'm A Control Freak - Mia Falls
10. Popular - The Veronicas
11. The Whistle Song - DJ Aligator
12. Fuerte Fuerte - L.A. Rouge
13. La Negrita - Latin Soul Syndicate
14. Date - L.A. Rouge
15. Corazon (You're Not Alone) - Prima J
16. Candy Swirl- Montana Tucker
17. Happy - Secrets in Stereo
18. Lift Off - Racheal Suter
19. Famous - Misty
20. Jamba - Anjulie
21. Just Dance - Lady GaGa
22. Boy Hunter - Bree Randall Featuring Cali
23. Tonight- Secrets in Stereo
24. Latinos Go Dumb - Freddy Chingaz, Mr. Kee, Jimmy Roses
25. You Got It - Cheryl Yie featuring Makena